India is one of the largest consumer of gold in the world.

This itself says a lot about faith that we Indians have in this asset class.  Its performance in last couple of years (2008-2011) has further reinforced this belief. Traditionally considered as an effective hedge against inflation, it has a negative correlation with major asset classes. Some exposure to gold is "a must" in any balanced portfolio.  

There are several ways to take exposure in gold - jewellery, gold bar and coins, ETF, MF, shares in gold mining company etc. However, issues such as safekeeping, wastage, quality etc makes it cumbersome to hold it in the physical form.

It is far more convenient and effective to hold gold in the form of ETF or MF.  The investments could be in fractional amounts (in line with your portfolio strategy) and all the troubles of having gold in the physical form could be avoided.

Your Fin@Work advisor will work with you actively to get this important asset class in your portfolio.

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